Friday, November 18, 2011

Transfer Table Staging-Part III

Continued from: Transfer Table Staging-Part II

Last night I fixed the wiggle. I started by taking apart the shelf. Then I took a right-angle to the rails and realized that they weren’t exactly 90 degrees to the wall. There was almost 3/16th of an inch difference between the front and the back.

So, I ran to the hardware store and bought a set of sturdy, 4" L-brackets. I used these to attach the saddle and the bracket with it to the wall, making sure that they were jutting out at exactly 90 degrees.

This really made it sturdy as a rock! No wiggle left whatsoever. Yaaay!

I then had to remove the rail from the bottom of the shelf because as assembled the rails no longer lined up. After careful measuring and reassembly, the shelf is back in business with no wiggle at all. It slides in and out great. I gotta grease the bearings again though as most of the grease ended up on my hands, and soon after on my pants.

Now I'm ready to buy and assemble the drive mechanism. That's a December project though, so until then I plan to build the bench work for the section to the right so I can get ready for the approach track alignment.


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