Friday, December 2, 2011

Transfer Table Staging–Part IV

Continued from: Transfer Table Staging-Part III

Two days ago, the linear actuator and the power supply arrived and I’m just blown away by how smooth this thing operates. It was relatively inexpensive too. It’s still not a cheap solution for staging perhaps, but compared to other linear motion products out there, the Firgelli Automations stuff was quite reasonable.  Their power supplies were very expensive, and I didn’t need one as powerful, so I ordered a cheaper one from Amazon.

Anyways, tonight I hooked it up to the drawer. It was a bit tough to get the angle right, but I somehow managed. The one problem is the built-in limit switches for the linear actuator go beyond the extent of the drawer, so at the moment if I’m not careful the actuator will rip the drawer right off the wall. It is that powerful. I went with a 150lbs force model because of speed. It’s moving at 0.5” per second and it seems to be a decent speed.

Anyways, enough talk. Best to see something like this in action, so here it is:

Next up is indexing. So stay tuned.


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